Section 10 (.5 miles)

UPDATE 11/1/14: This section is complete!!

Section 10 begins on the railroad grade at SR 381 and extends 0.5 miles to the driveway of Camp Christian, near the bridge south of the reservoir, at Mill Run Junction. One alternative was considered that would follow the access road for Camp Christian. This alternative was discontinued because the goal is to keep the trail on the railroad grade and off of state or local roads where at all possible. Initially, the alternative was conceived because of the heavy vegetation along the railroad grade through this section. However, heavy vegetation is a common occurrence along other sections of the trail and should not cause trail deviations from the railroad grade.

Section 10 is approximately eleven feet in width and in fair condition. The condition is poorer than most of the other southern extensions. The land use is forested, with Camp Christian property adjacent to the railroad grade through this section. Unlike the rest of the southern extension sections, Trail Section 10 shows no evidence of trail use (ATV or horse), which kept the surface compact and free of vegetation. In places it is difficult to distinguish the rail bed through this section because of overgrown vegetation. An existing parking area is at the western end of the section near the gate at the bridge.

Section 10 is also the trailhead for Section 11 or the Gorge Section. You can park your car here, ride along the dirt road towards Camp Christian, veer right and across the bridge and into the gorge. This is a public access.

 Road to Camp Christian which parallels ROW

 Typical trail view in Section 10

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