Section 11 (5 miles) Open to public access

Section 11, the section that runs through the Indian Creek Gorge, begins at the bridge (crossing Mill Run) near Camp Christian and Mill Run Junction and extends westward for approximately four miles to the CSX Railroad at the confluence of Indian Creek and the Youghiogheny River. No other alternatives were considered because the condition of the railroad grade through this section is conducive to trail use and is already being utilized. The trail surface is largely in excellent condition. The approximate width of the grade is nine to twelve feet.

In the initial stretch of trail, the surface is a shared gravel driveway that is used for access to the reservoir. After about 1,500 feet, the driveway and trail split and the trail surface varies between gravel and dirt. There is another gate not far beyond the split; an ATV trail bypasses the gate. A third partial gate exists near the end of the section; it is in poor condition and may be missing the crossbar. The land use throughout the trail is forested and much of the trail is through the scenic Indian Creek Gorge. There are two water crossings along this section of trail. One is over an unnamed tributary to Indian Creek at the approximate midpoint of this section; it is a railroad tie and rock box culvert structure. The second is the abandoned railroad bridge over Indian Creek at the end of this section; the structure is in good condition.

There are very few areas with standing surface water along this section of trail. However, there is a drainage channel located on the upslope side of the trail for just about the entire length. A series of existing culverts (original wooden box culverts, metal culverts, and new plastic culverts) are already in place along the trail. Trail Section 11 has been well maintained. There is no evidence of horse usage, illegal dumping, or livestock/agricultural access. However, ATV usage was apparent through most of this section.

Come and enjoy this scenic section of trail.

Public access gate over Mill Run.

The bike trail goes to the left at the Y.

Gate at the entrance to the gorge

View of creek from trail 

Rope swing and swimming hole in the gorge

Typical trail conditions in gorge

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