Section 12 (only a few hundred feet), aka "The Crossing"

Section 12 begins at the confluence of Indian Creek and the Youghiogheny River. The trail could potentially extend northwest to South Connellsville (Trail Section 12A) and cross the Youghiogheny River to complete a connection to the YRT in Connellsville. Or the trail could potentially cross the Youghiogheny River at the general location of the Indian Creek- Youghiogheny River confluence across from Camp Carmel (Trail Section 12B) to complete a connection to the YRT.

Both of these alternatives have been determined to require significant study, involvement with CSX and Camp Carmel, and expense to construct. Trail Section 12A and 12B involves safety concerns for trail users, CSX, and MWA. Trail Section 12B also involves a large crossing of the Youghiogheny River. The nature of the elevation difference between the north side of the river and the south side, the perpendicular path of the active CSX railway, the breadth of the river itself, and Camp Carmel are all problems to be solved regarding a crossing for the ICVHBT over the Youghiogheny River.

At the appropriate time, Trail Section 12 is to be reevaluated as to its feasibility to build. In the meantime, the ICVHBT will be able to link to other local and regional trail systems besides the YRT.

CSX bridge and Indian Creek flowing under it on the left and into the Youghiogheny. Camp Carmel and the Yough River Trail on the right.

View from the bike trail, across the CSX tracks, over to Camp Carmel and the YRT on the opposite bank of the Yough River.

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