Section 2 (.8 miles)

Trail Section 2 begins at Sky View Road at the intersection with the abandoned Blair Brothers Railroad grade and ends at SR 381, just south of the bridge over Indian Creek, at the intersection with Aukerman Road. Section 2 follows the abandoned Blair Brothers Railroad grade for most of the length of the section, approximately 4,400 ft. At the intersection with Aukerman Road, the trail deviates from the railroad grade to follow the road. Vegetation has reclaimed the railroad grade in varying densities.

The northern portion of the railroad grade in this section has become overgrown with herbaceous plants (i.e., weeds, ferns, and poison ivy). In some portions, a single path has been worn showing evidence of horseback riding. For much of the length of this section, the original grade is still intact and the surface is basically a flat mixture of soil and rock. The width of the grade surface varies from eleven to twenty feet. There are several locations along the trail that have some drainage problems.

Approximately 385 feet east of Aukerman Road the railroad grade encounters an unnamed tributary to Indian Creek. There is little remaining from the bridge that would have crossed the unnamed tributary at this point, however, the earthen and stone fill that formed the abutments is still in existence on either side of the stream. The missing span on the railroad grade measures approximately 128 feet.


 View of Railroad Grade

 Small Stream Crossing

Typical Overgrowth

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