Section 3: (.7 miles)

Trail Section 3 extends from the point where the abandoned railroad grade crosses SR 381 to the point where the abandoned railroad grade crosses Hunter Lane. Trail Section 3A would follow existing SR 381 south from the Aukerman Road intersection to Hunter Lane for a distance of approximately 0.5 miles. It would then follow Hunter Lane north for a distance of approximately 840 feet, crossing the existing bridge over Indian Creek, to the intersection of the abandoned railroad grade, which is also the Mountain Streams Trail. A small parking lot is located along Hunter Lane just south of Indian Creek. The section of SR 381 that the trail would follow is a paved two-lane road with an approximate total width of 24 feet, a speed limit of 45 mph, and adequate sight distance.The portion of Hunter Lane that would be utilized is a gravel and dirt road, which descends a small grade and crosses Indian Creek on a bridge structure.

Improvements required to route the trail onto SR 381 and Hunter Lane would be minimal and likely consist of signage and shoulder improvement. Trail Section 3B follows the abandoned Blair Brothers Railroad grade for the entire length of the section, approximately 2,550 feet. The land use surrounding the railroad grade in this section is a mix of agricultural and forested. The surrounding topography is generally sloped, but the grade is located along the valley floor, adjacent to Indian Creek. In some areas, the rail bed is elevated ten to twelve feet above lower landforms and Indian Creek.

Some of the grade is actively eroding in numerous places due to storm. It appears that three bridges were formerly in this trail section in the general location of: 1) the power line corridor/pasture area, 2) across Indian Creek, and 3) across an unnamed tributary to Indian Creek. There is evidence that the rail bed is used for livestock and agricultural access with cattle crossings appearing between pastures.


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