Section 4 (1.4 miles)

Trail Section 4 begins at the Hunter Lane intersection with the existing Mountain Streams Trail and the abandoned Blair Brothers Railroad Grade and extends through Forbes State Forest south to end at SR 381 just north of the SR 381/SR 31 intersection. The entire section is within the property of Forbes State Forest. This section is very much rideable in its current state, but it also needs a significant amount of work to have it meet accepted rails to trails standards and surface.

Another connection is possible with this trail section to the Dan Carns Trail of the Mountain Streams Trail System. This could occur at the southern end of the section by crossing SR 381 at a point about midway through the section via an existing trail. The abandoned Blair Brothers railroad grade in this section already exists as a trail, which is maintained by PADCNR (Pennsylvania Dept of Conservation of Natural Resources).

The trail in this section is approximately 1.4 miles long with a grass surface and nine to fifteen feet wide. The land use is largely a mix of emerging forest and mature forest. There are existing gates at both the Hunter Lane and the SR 381 access points. Approximately 800 feet from Hunter Lane is an existing wooden bridge crossing an unnamed tributary to Indian Creek. Approximately 0.4 miles north of the end of Trail Section 4 is an area where the railroad grade is situated perpendicular to a steep slope alongside Indian Creek. In this area there is some minor erosion of the trail into Indian Creek and the potential exists for continued erosion at this location. A recently installed culvert was evident at this location, which has helped carry water under the trail from an intermittent storm channel to Indian Creek. There is a small parking area at the southern end of the section off of SR 381.

Parking Area off of SR 381 

Bridge Over Indian Creek 

Gate at Northern End of Blair Brothers RR Grade

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