Section 5 (.4 miles)

Trail Section 5 begins at the intersection of the abandoned Blair Brothers Railroad grade and SR 381, approximately 450 feet north of the intersection with SR 31, and ends at the intersection of the railroad grade with Mathews Lane. The challenge in this section is to connect the existing trail in Forbes State Forest north of SR 31 with the property owned by the Mountain Watershed Association that contains the old railroad grade south of SR 381. Four possible alternatives for the route of the trail were developed and studied through this section to access the railroad grade south of SR 31. Only one alternative is feasible.

The route of Trail Section 5 begins on SR 381 just north of the existing trail parking lot. It follows SR 381 south for a distance of approximately 500 feet to the intersection with SR 31. The alternative turns west onto SR 31 for a distance of 120 feet, crosses SR 31, and follows Hofelt Lane (currently a gravel driveway) south for a distance of approximately 430 feet to the intersection of the abandoned railroad grade. Trail Section 5 then follows the abandoned railroad grade for the remainder of the length to Mathews Lane. From Hofelt Lane to Mathews Lane the railroad grade has been largely reclaimed by vegetation.

We have cleared this section of the dense vegetation, and we have also dug proper drainage channels in this section.

We have also engaged PennDOT in conversation regarding the addition of signage and lights at this crossing to make it safer.

UPDATE 11/1/14: This section has been entirely cleared, drained and prepared for the top surface

Parking Area off of SR 381

Hofelt to Matthews Ln

Intersection of SR 31 and 381

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