Section 7 (2.2 miles)

UPDATE 11/1/14: We now have extended this section by almost a mile!! Go check it out, the gate isn't where it used to be.

Trail Section 7 begins at the southern trail head of the existing ICV Trail near Millerstown Road and ends approximately 2.2 miles to the southwest at Pritts Road. The southern trail head for the existing ICVHBT is marked by a gate and bench. No other alternatives were considered because the condition of the railroad grade through this section is conducive to trail use. The railroad ballast surface is mostly intact. In Saltlick Township, the trail surface is excellent. The approximate width of the grade is eleven to fifteen feet.

The land use through Trail Section 7 is mostly forested. The initial northern section of trail is flanked by cliffs on the south for about 1,200 feet and Indian Creek on the north. There is evidence of an old drainage channel through this section, but it is mostly filled with leaves and branches. The trail narrows to approximately seven feet wide through this section. Further along, there is evidence of ATV usage, with ruts visible. There is also evidence of old logging roads connecting with the trail. For a distance of approximately 140 feet, a tributary flows on the trail section. There are numerous areas with water ponding and abandoned mine drainage. Towards the southern end of the trail, illegal dumping is apparent. There is a small, single span, wood deck bridge that crosses an unnamed tributary to Indian Creek. It is in fair, usable condition.

Small single span bridge

View of Right of Way in this section

Indian Creek looking north

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