Section 8 (1.2 miles)

Trail Section 8 begins on the east side of Pritts Road from the end of Section 7. Section 8 follows the abandoned railroad grade for about 300 feet to where it crosses Pritts Road and follows a driveway and the abandoned grade. It then continues along the railroad grade approximately 1.2 miles west to the intersection with SR 653 at Trail Section 9.

The topography of Trail Section 8 is a valley floor adjacent to Indian Creek. The land use throughout Trail Section 8 is forested, sparse rural residential on the east end, and private transportation use, also on the east end. The railroad grade is in good condition and the surface is composed of dirt and crushed gravel. As with many of the other sections, there are some ponding and muddy areas throughout this section. Improved drainage with the installation of culverts will be required in a few places. The existing vegetation conditions are mostly clear and minimal. Trail Section 8 shows evidence of ATV usage and some minor illegal dumping. There does not appear to be any horse usage along the section or any livestock/agricultural access. There is an existing parking area on the west side of SR 653 along the railroad grade.

There is one stream crossing in Trail Section 8. This crossing was investigated in the presence of the property owners. The bridge is 155 feet in length and 10 feet in width. The substructure consists of 2 wood trestles, 2 concrete piers, and concrete abutments. The bridge deck will need to be replaced and railings will need to be added. The railroad grade through this area belongs to private landowners and the bridge is used to access a private residential property. These landowners were very much interested in working with MWA to develop the trail here. The construction of Trail Section 8 would greatly benefit the Rogers Mill area and the local property owners.

UPDATE: Virgil has been hard at working meeting with landowners along this section regarding easements for this trail. His meetings thus far have been very positive, and we hope to have all easements by May 2012. This will provide the trail a large parking area along 653, making a great access point.

Creek crossing with viable bridge

View of Indian Creek

Section 8 Trailhead

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