Section 9 (3.3 miles)

Section 9 begins at SR 653 and follows the abandoned railroad grade for about 3.3 miles to SR 381. The majority of the rail bed is being used as an existing trail, mainly by ATVs. The rail bed throughout the section is in good condition, aside from some water hazards. The width of the trail is approximately 10 feet. The land use is forested and numerous floodplains and wetlands exist. The grade surface varies from ballast to mud, but neither creates a major hindrance. There are numerous locations with drainage problems, including ponding water. In some areas, the culverts are damaged and open to the trail surface. In other locations, storm channels are flowing onto the trail. There is also evidence of heavy ATV usage and party/bonfire locations. There is one existing gate at the north end of this section; an ATV trail bypasses it. There are existing parking areas at each end of the section.

The largest crossing of Indian Creek (Bridge #1 10ft by 200ft) still has its structure in place with steel stringers; however, the deck has been removed and railings will need to be installed. Bridge #2 is a missing crossing over an unnamed tributary to Indian Creek (Bridge #2 10ft by 60ft). This crossing will require a new structure and likely some extensive earthwork. Erosion destroyed the previous structure and will have to be addressed before construction of a new crossing.

Bridge #1 looking south

Bridge #2 over unnamed tributary

Typical trail conditions Section 9

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