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The entire length of Indian Creek is approximately 31 miles, from its source to the confluence with the Youghiogheny River. Indian Creek is an idyllic Pennsylvania native trout stream, starting high on Laurel Ridge as a trickle and ending in a deep forested gorge with formidable whitewater and waterfalls just before its confluence with the Youghiogheny River about 5 miles upstream of Connellsville, Pennsylvania.

The Indian Creek Valley Trail is being constructed on a former railroad bed that runs through the Indian Creek Valley. It is the goal of the Mountain Watershed Association to develop the entire length of the former railroad (22 miles) into a bike, hike and ski trail, eventually crossing the Youghiogheny to join with the Great Allegheny Passage so that the Indian Creek Valley Trail could then serve as a spur to this popular trail linking Pittsburgh, PA and Washington, DC.

Currently, there are 8 miles of finished and 5 miles of unfinished trail great for biking, hiking and cross-country skiing. The finished section runs from Jones Mills to about one mile past Indian Head, Pennsylvania. Portions of this section are owned by the Mountain Watershed Association and portions are own by Saltlick Township. This section of trail parallels Indian Creek not far from its source and passes through several small towns and villages as well as breathtaking Laurel Highlands scenery. In the winter, the trail is plowed for walking/jogging between Indian Head and Melcroft, but it is open for skiing from Jones Mills to Melcroft. We have a trail map available for download (click here); this map shows trail accesses, parking areas, and amenities.

If you enjoy fishing, bring your pole, as there are many places to easily access the stream for some wonderful trout fishing.

Along the finished section of trail, there are four towns that you pass through. Water, groceries and restaurants are available in each.

Trail Towns and Amenities:

Jones Mills: Mile 0

  • Sarnelli’s Market and Deli – full service deli, grocery store, wine cellar and beer distributor
  • Taylor-Jo’s Six Pack Shack – pizza and fried chicken
  • Hometown Pizza

Champion: Mile 2

  • Champion Service Plaza and Star Market: small grocery store and sit down diner
  • Trail access

Melcroft: Mile 5

  • G and D Market: grocery store and deli, includingwarm food such as pizza and baked hoagies
  • Trail access

Indian Head:  Mile 7

  • Resh’s Market: grocery store and deli
  • Indian Head Snack Bar: small diner
  • Trail access

The 5 miles of unimproved trail begin at Camp Christian on the banks of the Indian Creek Reservoir in Mill Run and continue to the confluence with Youghiogheny River.  Please note that this property belongs to the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County.  MAWC generously does not restrict biking or hiking access.  Please pack out all trash and practice Leave No Trace principles in this area.

This section of the trail passes through the deep and stunning Indian Creek Gorge, renowned for exceptional flora and fauna and whitewater. The trail through this area is remote and unimproved, so be sure to carry enough water and food for a 10 mile round trip. There is no vehicular access to the bottom of the gorge and little cell phone coverage exists.

Be sure to bring your camera as there are numerous scenic vistas along this route.

Between the finished and unfinished sections (from the gate south of Indian Head to Mill Run, PA) there is no authorized public access.  Please see our trail map for details.  We are presently working to secure agreements with landowners in the area, but until that occurs this portion of trail remains closed to the public.







Download this file (trail map_final.pdf)Trail Map[Trail Map]2024 Kb

For more information on the Indian Creek Valley Trail contact the Mountain Watershed Association at PO Box 408 Melcroft PA 15462.

(724) 455-4200 www.mtwatershed.com


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